• Botanical Dwellings - Art on the Atlanta Beltline

    Botanical Dwellings - Art on the Atlanta Beltline

    As September comes to a close, Botanical Dwellings is settling in well at its installation site in Reynoldstown, as part of Art on the Atlanta Beltline 2014. Art on the Atlanta Beltline is Atlanta's largest temporary, public art exhibition. My collaborator and I received a public art grant in order to see our first public artwork, Botanical Dwellings, to its fruition.

    The project displays silkscreened imagery of native and rare flora on two canopy-like structures. The silkscreened fabric panels were created from original cyanotype contact prints and were cut into linear strips of fabric and fixed to a grid on a steel armature. Each blue and white panel flows with the wind and mimics the movement of tall grasses that surround our installation site on the Beltline.

    Botanical Dwellings seeks to educate visitors of Atlanta Beltline on the importance preservation and conservation by showcasing the area’s native and rare flora.