• Art on the Atlanta Beltline : Botanical Dwellings

    Art on the Atlanta Beltline : Botanical Dwellings

    I am really excited to have just completed my first public art piece for Art on the Atlanta Beltline. After months of collaboration with my partner, Rose Barron, Botanical Dwellings is up! The installation will serve as place for visitors to retreat and enjoy the organic forms. Botanical Dwellings seeks to educate visitors of Atlanta Beltline on the importance preservation and conservation by showcasing the area’s native and rare flora via the arts.

    Art on the Atlanta BeltLine is the City of Atlanta’s largest temporary public art exhibition and a testament to the Atlanta BeltLine as a living, breathing entity that is more than just trees, trails, and rails. Showcasing the work of hundreds of visual artists, performers, and musicians along nine miles of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor, the exhibition is a powerful conduit for everyone in the Atlanta region to gather, connect, and experience something vibrant and dynamic. This spectacular project places working professionals alongside emerging artists, and draws residents and visitors into some of the most unique public spaces in the City of Atlanta, providing powerful new perspectives on the city and its vibrant neighborhoods.

    Please come visit our project on the Southeast side of the Beltline in Reynoldstown and to learn more about our fundraising initiative, please visit our C4 ArtsForce Campaign here.