• Fourth Quarter Update

    The fall has flown by and another semester has come to a close as the new year is right around the corner. Needless to say, I have much to catch up on. September brought about another wild round of teaching at my alma mater, Savannah College of Art and Design, Kennesaw State University and Atlanta Techincal College. I finally understand the saying...Absent Minded Professor. Though it was a challenge it was also quite a learning experience and I had the pleasure to work with some inquisitive, talented and dedicated students. Below are a few highlights of critiques and bantor!

    Shortly after the academic fall term started, Family as the Vernacular was up for a new installment for Atlanta Celebrates Photography at Mason Murer. I was lucky enough to be joined by the talented and hard-working (that's a HUGE understatement) ladies from Texas, H. Jennings Sheffiled and Libby Rowe. We had an unbelieveable showing for the opening reception!

    In November, I was asked to be part of a small group exhibtion in running with the theme of MIDDLE. Presented by MINT and the Atlanta Office of Cultural Affair's Gallery 72 and curated by Candice Greathouse "The works included in this exhibition serve as a visual dialogue of ideas that investigate notions of this middleness – inbetweenness and potentiality through material and process. The artists and works featured in this exhibition represent the middle through a variety of strategies conceptually and aesthetically. They resist concrete categorization and definition, offering instead a provoking ambiguity that prolongs and redefines the “middle”."

    There is tentatively an artist's talk and closing reception slated for Thursday, January 15 at 6:00 p.m. at Gallery 72 on Marietta St.

    For more information on the show...

    And that's a WRAP.

  • Botanical Dwellings - Art on the Atlanta Beltline

    Botanical Dwellings - Art on the Atlanta Beltline

    As September comes to a close, Botanical Dwellings is settling in well at its installation site in Reynoldstown, as part of Art on the Atlanta Beltline 2014. Art on the Atlanta Beltline is Atlanta's largest temporary, public art exhibition. My collaborator and I received a public art grant in order to see our first public artwork, Botanical Dwellings, to its fruition.

    The project displays silkscreened imagery of native and rare flora on two canopy-like structures. The silkscreened fabric panels were created from original cyanotype contact prints and were cut into linear strips of fabric and fixed to a grid on a steel armature. Each blue and white panel flows with the wind and mimics the movement of tall grasses that surround our installation site on the Beltline.

    Botanical Dwellings seeks to educate visitors of Atlanta Beltline on the importance preservation and conservation by showcasing the area’s native and rare flora.

  • Art on the Atlanta Beltline : Botanical Dwellings

    Art on the Atlanta Beltline : Botanical Dwellings

    I am really excited to have just completed my first public art piece for Art on the Atlanta Beltline. After months of collaboration with my partner, Rose Barron, Botanical Dwellings is up! The installation will serve as place for visitors to retreat and enjoy the organic forms. Botanical Dwellings seeks to educate visitors of Atlanta Beltline on the importance preservation and conservation by showcasing the area’s native and rare flora via the arts.

    Art on the Atlanta BeltLine is the City of Atlanta’s largest temporary public art exhibition and a testament to the Atlanta BeltLine as a living, breathing entity that is more than just trees, trails, and rails. Showcasing the work of hundreds of visual artists, performers, and musicians along nine miles of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor, the exhibition is a powerful conduit for everyone in the Atlanta region to gather, connect, and experience something vibrant and dynamic. This spectacular project places working professionals alongside emerging artists, and draws residents and visitors into some of the most unique public spaces in the City of Atlanta, providing powerful new perspectives on the city and its vibrant neighborhoods.

    Please come visit our project on the Southeast side of the Beltline in Reynoldstown and to learn more about our fundraising initiative, please visit our C4 ArtsForce Campaign here.

  • Family as the Vernacular

    After its showing at Tarleton State University in the fall of 2013, Family as the Vernacular is now being exhibited at the Univeristy of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama. The exhibit is curated by and exhibits the works of Margaret Hiden, Libby Rowe and H. Jennings Sheffield.

    Through their alternative structures, Margaret Hiden, Libby Rowe and H. Jennings Sheffield utilize vernacular imagery to convey an understanding of iconic experiences. These familiar encounters and interactions provoke viewers to make references to their own memories and experiences that are already a part of a culturally collective consciousness.

    There will be an artist talk to discuss the collaboration on Wednesday May 28, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. in the Bloch Hall Gallery at the University of Montevallo. The exhibit is scheduled to travel to the Dallas Public Library in 2015.

  • Pensacola State College

    With the fall semester rapidly approaching its end, I can safely say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Pensacola State College. My students are diverse, hard-working and talented, the faculty are smart, funny and a joy to work with, the gallery space is gorgeous and faciliites plentiful and the school generously supports the visual arts deparment with funding for distinguished artists and continued improvement of facilities for an ever-growing deparment. Finally, the visual arts department at Pensacola State Colleges houses one of the largest photography programs in the state of Florida. To learn more...


  • August Update

    August Update

    Yet another Broadreach adventure has taken place since my last posting! This summer, I had the priveledge to lead another energetic group of adventurous and talented teenagers on the Panama Photography Expedition. Our photogenic itenerary took us across the country from Panama City, to the Caribbean islands of Bocas del Toro, to the cloud forests of Boquete and to the Pacific waves of Santa Catalina. Over three wonerful weeks the students and I took gigabytes upon gigabytes of digital photographs! The program concluded with each student presenting their best work in a final portfolio. Below are some images of our credits Margaret Hiden.

  • Art Papers' 14th Annual Art Auction

    Art Papers' 14th Annual Art Auction

    It's that time of year again! Last weekend, Art Papers hosted their 14th Annual Art Auction at Atlanta's Mason Murer Fine Art. The event invites talented and diverse artists from all over the globe to donate their work to raise funds for the publication. I am flattered to have been asked to particpate in this wonderful event for the second year. My donation includes two gelatin silver prints from my Cliche Verre series. 

    To view other works, please visit Atlanta artist, Julie Sims' flicker feed at Art Papers' 14th Annual Art Auction.

  • Conditions of Non-Existence

    Conditions of Non-Existence


    MARION, AL—OCTOBER 22, 2012—The Judson College Art Department will be presenting the photography of Birmingham, AL -based photographer Margaret Hiden. On view at the Marian Tucker Acree Gallery at Judson College in Marion, AL. The show opens October 25, 2012 and continues through November 23. There will be an artist’s reception on Thursday, October 25, from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm in the gallery, and the artist will give a brief lecture on her work in Tucker Recital Hall from 9:30 am until 10:30 am on Tuesday, October 29. All events are free and open to the public.

    The works in the exhibition are for sale. For more information about the work, or the artist, contact Jamie Adams at 334.683.5251.

  • Fresh Blood and Hambidge...

    As for me, this weekend brings a busy couple of "art" days in Atlanta. Please be sure to come out to Mason Murer Fine Art on Friday the 18th for the Fresh Blood exhibition, curated by one of my favorite people and photographers, Michael Mayne. The summer-long exhibition will feature more than 40 local emergent artists. I am happy to be part of this group! Please click here to learn more.

    I will be showing pieces from my Cliche Verre series as seen on my site

    On Saturday, the big event is at the Goat Farm. They will be hosting the annual Hambidge Art Auction and Performance Gala. Each year, Hambidge puts on the event to support artists and their residency program. To learn more about the auction and the residency program, please click here.

  • Lust

    Lust is a passionate or overwhelming desire. People lust for power, money, objects. You can have a lust for life or an intense and eager enthusiasm. And of course, there is sexual lust. 

    Juried by David Bram, founder of Fraction Magazine, the exhibition Lust will be opening on March 23 at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. Please click here to learn more about the exhibition and participating artists. I am happy to be part of this showing.

    Margaret Hiden, Who Am I?, 2011

  • Art Paper's 13th Annual Art Auction

    Mark your calendars for this year's auction which I am so thrilled and flattered to be a part of. This year's collection of work features work from over 200 artists from around the world. For more information, click here

    A sneak peek at my work, from An Unfamiliar Landscape (Redux) series, that will be a part of this year's event. This series is currently a work in progress.


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    From An Unfamiliar Landscape...

  • Untitled


    Excited to sift through my many pictures from the Summer and start editing for what will be the "original" and inspiration for the title An Unfamiliar Landscape.

  • Clearly I need to do a better job of "blogging." Until then...

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